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What Is Gamergate, and Why? An Explainer for Non-Geeks

What Is Gamergate, and Why? An Explainer for Non-Geeks

I’ve seen few headlines regarding this before now and am not too surprised to learn what is going on. There are both great and terrible effects that the internet has on society, this unfortunately is an example of the latter.

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Google Testing A New 'Talk To A Doctor' Service In Google Search

Google Testing A New ‘Talk To A Doctor’ Service In Google Search

I don’t know how much I trust this given the article’s source, but it would certainly be useful.

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Windows 10

Microsoft just announced Windows 10. Yes this is the 9th version of Windows but numbers don’t matter. This OS is everything that made Windows 7 great, along with a touch of Windows 8 (pun intended).

On the surface Microsoft seems to be back tracking. They alienated a lot of users with Windows 8, and even more businesses. People didn’t want something all new, they wanted something familiar but upgraded, that’s exactly what they’re getting in Windows 10. Where Windows 8 focussed on touch screens and tablets, Windows 10 is a return to mouse and keyboard users, you know, they way most of us use a computer.

There are still some elements of Windows 8 present in the Start menu (see the photo above) and on tablets, but for the most part this is the beefed up Windows 7 that users were hoping for.

Described as Microsoft’s “most comprehensive platform ever,” Windows 10 will offer a tailored experience for all hardware across a single platform family. And it turns out that’s intentional. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore pointed to the millions of customers still using Windows 7, and said the company wants to make their transition to Windows 10 much more comfortable than the unfamiliar leap to Windows 8 two years ago. “We want all these Windows 7 users to have the sentiment that yesterday they were driving a first-generation Prius, and now with Windows 10 it’s like a Tesla.”

EDIT: I just wanted to note that I was / am WAY into Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. I 100% understand what they were trying to do, and I was on board. … that said, I was never going to make it my daily driver for many of the obvious reasons. It’s nice to see them return to the mouse and keyboard user.

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IBM Brings Power of Watson to Your Business


Watson Analytics is part of a $1 million IBM initiative to offer the supercomputer’s service to …


Natural language processing is definitely the future, though the assumption that most data comes per-structured seems flawed to me.  Then again maybe that’s where the “line-work” of the information age comes in, business leaders may have the benefit of getting immediate answers but they will still need the workers to create the structure for them.

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