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December 16, 2012 6:03 pm
The Web We Lost - Anil Dash

I have been seeing this article passed around a lot this past week, so I finally took the time to read through it.  While I certainly don’t disagree with the writer or his conclusions, I definitely have issues with it which is surprising considering how much it is being passed around.  Even though he alludes to it, I feel like Mr. Dash for the most part overlooks how necessary the techniques of the prominent social networks now were for them to garner the massive amount of users they have.  The open tools of the early 2000’s and late 90’s may have looked great to those that actively seeked them out, but before the rise of web 2.0’s popularity most users had no interest in such applications.  While these were not technically challenging tools the vast majority of users need an overtly simple, targeted product being pushed to them.  This required the investing and deals that, as he put, made a “very few very rich.”  I do agree that everything works in cycles and now that even the technologically illiterate are learning how to work these products fairly well we will see some of these services start to return.

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