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Because the last thing you need is a phone with a “buy more crap” button.

Because the last thing you need is a phone with a “buy more crap” button.

May 20, 2014 8:39 pm
Fewer than 10 percent ready for the 'new IT' | ZDNet
May 19, 2014 11:43 pm
Mapping Our Interiors

About time something like this is taking off. I wonder how long until they, or a competitor, get bought out by Google?

March 24, 2014 11:47 pm
Spotify Winds Down App Directory To Focus On External Ecosystem | TechCrunch
February 23, 2014 12:34 pm
Windows Phone to get long-awaited enterprise update | PCWorld

I’ve always said the strategy for Windows Phone should be to target the enterprise. The consumer market has been decided, iOS and Android aren’t giving up any ground, go after the users that involuntarily switched off Blackberry. Now the question is is it too late?

February 6, 2014 8:16 pm
"However, because mobile application development talent is in short supply, many of these mobile application extensions tend to have several issues such as incompatible and even clunky User Experience (UX), security flaws, web-only implementation while a native application would have been a better fit, and poor functionality compared to their desktop counterparts. In many cases the software vendor is not able to incorporate in the mobile app key pieces of functionality that the enterprise had previously configured for the desktop app. For these reasons alone, corporations may want to consider licensing a mobile-only enterprise application from one of the new vendors that are quickly emerging to fill the void."

Mobilizing Enterprise Applications via Enterprise Irregulars

Software providers that began in the web era will have a difficult time providing high quality mobile solutions.  Mobile is not a just a channel or platform, it is a new way of working.

The company I work for’s goal is to be entirely mobile by 2016.  While that’s quite a bit of a stretch, it shows where we’re concentrating.

(via enhatch)

(via enhatch)

January 4, 2014 12:11 pm
The Mobile Only Workplace?


When laptops started to become more prevalent in corporate America, it brought with it the promise of freedom. That is freedom from the office, freedom from the cubicles farms, and freedom from the the ball and chain of the corporate world, the desktop PC. From executive to sales people to…

October 29, 2013 11:39 pm


Motorola’s ‘Project Ara’ modular smartphone setup switches out hardware like apps

We were intrigued by the Phonebloks concept phone that teased the ability to switch out a handset’s components the way most users change ringtones, and now Motorola is putting its resources behind it. In what Motorola calls Project Ara, the advanced Technology and Products group is working with Phonebloks creator Dave Hakkens on an “endoskeleton (endo) and modules.” Announced this evening on the company blog by Paul Eremenko, the company says it’s already “done deep technical work” and is opening the process up to the community and volunteers (aka Ara Scouts, sign up here) to begin designing hardware modules. Its stated goal is to do for hardware what it says Android has done for software: create a vibrant third-party developer ecosystem, lower the barriers to entry, increase the pace of innovation, and substantially compress development timelines.”

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This project has a kind of “cyberpunk” feel to it, I think I like it. Though the only way I think it will be successful is if it is easy enough for anyone and their grandma to do it.  If  it’s like building a PC it’s not going to appeal to a large enough audience.