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August 12, 2014 10:42 pm
Corporate America Hasn't Been Disrupted

It’s hard to say that regulation is what’s making the capital-intensive industries difficult to break into.  Nonetheless, this is a good read and presents a startling image of what is going on.

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Could it really be that simple..?


Buy a ticket to a movie at a theater, you get your choice of a hard or digital copy in future distribution at no charge. Buy a complete album & be able to attend one concert venue of the artist’s upcoming tour at no charge.

Oversimplify’s the cost of things a bit, but this could be a good promotional idea.

June 14, 2012 12:09 pm
"The reason people don’t want to be in Silicon Valley is because while it’s awesome for the tech community, (and) is so deep in terms of people thinking about technology, that’s all there is, right? You don’t have the fashion industry, or the media industry, or even finance. Those things make it so you get this variety of experience in New York that’s kind of lacking in Silicon Valley."

Facebook exec tells the truth: New York City bests Silicon Valley (NY Daily News)

As cool an area as silicon valley has seemed to me I have always felt there’s no way it has NY’s diversity

May 15, 2012 1:13 am
Projects Are the New Job Interviews

"Ultimately, the reason why I’m confident that "projects are the new job interviews" is not simply because I’m observing a nascent trend but because this appears to be a more efficient and effective mechanism for companies and candidates to gain the true measure of each other. Designing great applijects and projeclications will be a craft and art. The most successful utilizers will quickly be copied. Why? Because the brightest and most talented people typically like having real-world opportunities to shine and succeed."

I don’t know about in-interview projects, but one of the best pieces of advice I received for my resume was to include class projects rather than related courses I had taken.  Bottom line, companies want real-world experience above anything else (which is why all the baby boomers giving a middle finger to the recent grads complaining about being underemployed really need to reconsider how things work in the modern hiring environment.).

March 27, 2012 8:43 pm
RIAA: Consumers are shelling out for subscription music | Media Maverick - CNET News

Interesting trend, I wonder how much of this comes from adverstising vs. subscriptions? I’m pretty sure not many of my friends actually subscribe to Spotify. Personally I’ve found the free version pretty easy to get around, as long as I make sure I listen to the music I already have in another player. I’ve also been a fan of their recent attempts to become more of a platform and believe they could find even further possible revenue streams once they start opening up their App Finder more. What about all of you, do you feel satisfied with the subscription services offering music right now? Would you ever actually consider doing the pay version of them?

January 9, 2012 10:56 pm
AT&T Joins OpenStack | PCWorld

It definitely seems that the telecom companies are looking to get involved in cloud and enterprise services to make up for the the dying wireline industry.

January 5, 2012 8:43 pm
Why The Movie Industry Can’t Innovate and the Result is SOPA « Steve Blank

"This year the movie industry made $30 billion (1/3 in the U.S.) from box-office revenue.

But the total movie industry revenue was $87 billion. Where did the other $57 billion come from?

From sources that the studios at one time claimed would put them out of business: Pay-per view TV, cable and satellite channels, video rentals, DVD sales, online subscriptions and digital downloads.”