My name is Bill, I am a recent graduate in Information Sciences and Technology from Penn State University and this is a place for me to post or give my 2 cents on the fascinating world of technology. I am now working for a pretty big technology related company whose name I will leave out just to avoid any possible complications, however far-fetched them happening may be. Music gets included from time to time as well.

August 9, 2012 8:44 pm
"That’s why we need an alliance of technology and educators. If we’re going to truly change higher education to change the world, we have to begin by emphasizing web literacy as a required, basic, indispensable competency in the 21st century. To do that, we need a leadership alliance between education and technology developers—and higher education is a good place to begin since it has far more flexibility than K-12 and exerts a tremendous pull on the shape of all education."
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  5. coolcatteacher said: Higher education has more flexibility than K12? It depends upon the school. We should all be encouraged to be teacherpreneurs and for digital literacy to be part of all we do.
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